Village Improvements

Village Boulangerie

The Boulangerie opened in 2016 continues to be sucessfull. It is adjacent to the Maison Loire et Nature on the levee, just a short walk from La Cachette. Fresh bread and a selection of lovely pasteries and cakes are baked throughout the week. It is open each day except for Tuesdays. A fresh bread dispencer exists for use 'out of hours'.

The Boulangerie

Village Improvements

Following on from 2016's stage I of the road and pavement improvements through the village, stage II, the area from the Mairie to the Maison Loire et Nature, has been completed. The whole area has new a parking layout, new kerbing and paved sidewalks, improved LED street lighting, flowerbeds and speed humps to slow down the traffic in the new 30km/h zone. The surfaces match those of the stage I section beyond the church. The existing trees in the square have been replaced with new, less invasive, Cherry trees. The whole area has been resurfaced and tidyed up with new benches etc. Now there is a dedicated electric car parking area with a charging point adjacent.

The clock face in the church tower had been upgraded with LED lighting.

Church with new clock face

Town Hall Square

The top of Rue Fernand Obligy has been included in the upgrade and is now part of the 30km speed zone which extends for the whole length of the levee through the village.

Rue Fernand Obligy

The quay remains unchanged with the new benches and tables and bicycle stands, which where added to the quay enabling more people to relax by the river watching the birds, fish and locals doing their thing on the river.

Ferry service continues

The past few years have been difficult due to the prolonged low water levels which prevented the boats running. We are always at the mercie of the river, but we will endeavour to run ferry and private boat trips whenever possible.

So the ferry service for tourists linking La Chapelle sur Loire with La Loire a Velo national cycle route on the other bank is to continue.  It is voluntary manned by members of the local traditional Boating Association (called Les Bateliers Des Vents D'Galerne.)

The 'free of charge' ferry service for cyclists runs at 9:30am and 4:00pm from La Chapelle sur loire and at 10:00am and 4:30pm the ferry runs from the opposit bank each Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout July and August. (Please check for the up to date times on the notice board adjacent to the slipway). Subject to there being sufficient water level to cross the river. Note! Other passengers can be taken, free of charge, at the discretion of the crew.

The boat which takes up to 12 people can also be booked for private trips at the La Maison des Bateliers situated next to the Boulangerie above the quay.

Brise Chapelonne Ferry Service

Swimming Pool

Our heated swimming pool is still fully operational in season. The pool has a heating system - just like expensive in-ground pools. Although it is still somewhat at the mercy of the weather, generally it maintains 26deg C plus. It extendes the season by several weeks each year.

Swimming Pool

Off road parking

The off-road parking and maneuvering area continues to be appreciated by our guests..

Parking Area